Making Friends

Social Activities

Monthly Lunches

Every month, the members can enjoy a lunch full of fun and delicious food. The cost of the entrance of the lunch is donated to our beneficiaries' institutions.

Local Trips

The club organized visits to local attractions and places of interest.

Groups of the Club

The members can participate in the groups of courses that the club offers. The groups are:

Book Group

The members meet once a month to share comments about the books read.

Play Group

It is for mothers with kids between 0-6 years old.

Bible Study Group

They meet once a week for studying a Biblical passage and pray.

The club offers cooking, crafts, and painting classes too.

I've been living in this country for 4 years already. I have seen how the Club has very positively influenced my adaptation process and that of my friends. I have close examples of people who have either not joined the Club or have done so passively, as well as people who have been heavily involved from the beginning and it is amazing to see how the adaptation process and enjoyment of the positive side of living here is directly proportional to level of involvement with the Club. In my case, I think the fact that I joined shortly after arriving has greatly helped my family and me to really enjoy the experience of living in Manila. Being so far away from your country, what could be better than to have a piece of your culture, your language and sometimes even your food, sharing with friends who become like a family?

- Marisa, Colombia

For me and my family the Club was the most beautiful part of our experience in the Philippines. It allowed me to make close friends that I still maintain and visit. I was part of a family and I could also helped a bit as Vice President. Eugenia Ravasco Day Care Center Project began with effort and dedication. I was part of the beginning of this immense work and it was worth it. Many memories, lunches and trips ... Organizing the Ball! What an experience! For me it was everything and you will be always in my heart.

- María Eugenia, Chile

The Latin American Women's Club was the first helping hand that I found when my family and I arrived in Manila. I was pregnant at the time and from the beginning they helped me find a good gynecologist and the best pediatrician my children have had. The Club made the difference for us and gave us many happy moments and the satisfaction of seeing that you could have a good time while collecting funds to help those in need. I remember them fondly and with some friends we stay in touch. Whoever gives you a friend, gives you a treasure and the Club gave me wonderful treasures.

- Gladys, Colombia

The Latin American Women's Club was my home for the three years that I lived in the Philippines. The generosity of the friends I met there was a life lesson. Everyday I thank God for having placed them in my path.

- Gloria, Colombia

Thanks to the Club I met a lot of great people, I never felt alone and with the Club I did some work for needy people that filled my soul.

- Belén, Spain